About MiAbilities

Our Approach

You probably came to this About page to learn a little more about us. But really, this is all about you. Too often, NDIS participants are forced to settle with one-size-fits-all care plans that don’t factor in the unique challenges they’re facing–whether those challenges are related to their disability or not.

But at MiAbilities, we put the participant at the centre of the conversation. We make sure to understand every challenge they’re facing before we develop a plan of care—together.

You’re Never a Number, You're You

When you work with us, no decisions are made about your care without you. There are no shortcuts to our success. We’re with you every step of the way.

Cassandra Pecchiari, Founder

Individual Approach

Why Choose Us


We put NDIS Participants at the centre of their own care, giving them a level of choice they don’t experience with other providers.


We strive to help every participant develop independence, so they can take the steps toward living the life they want.

Experienced Team

Our team has extensive experience working with disabilities of all kinds, including those that level a high-intensity level of care.

A Passion for Care

MiAbilities isn’t just our job; it’s our life. It’s why we strive to honour each individual’s choices and challenges on and off the clock.